Longrich Business Overview

CURRENCY OF TRADE: The Longrich mainstream platforms trades on purchase value (PV). Every Longrich product has a value attached to it known as the purchase value. For example, the toothpaste has a PV of 3.5 and the mouth freshener has a PV of 2.2. In Longrich mainstream platform, the PV determines the entry levels, rankings, referral commission and all other incentives.

ENTRY LEVELS: The Longrich mainstream platform has 5 entry levels as summarized in the table below. Your personal purchases determine your entry level. You can easily upgrade from one level to the other by simply purchasing products worth the difference in PVs either at once or in piece meals.

PLATINUM VIP1680 PVN 780,000
PLATINUM720 PVN 350,000
GOLD240 PVN 130,000
SILVER120 PV N 75,000
Q-SILVER60 PVN 30,000

PRODUCTS: Longrich products are divided into 5 broad categories as shown below. The PVs are also indicated. For more information on the products and their benefits.

DAILY COSMETIC SERIES Herbal Body wash: 6PV Mosquito repellent: 3.5PV Bamboo charcoal soap: 4.8PV Mouth Freshener: 2.2PV Toothpaste (100g): 1.2PV Toothpaste (200g): 3.5PV Hand Cream: 3.5PV Antiperspirant Dew: 3.5PV 2-in-1 Shampoo: 6PV White tea Shampoo: 3.2PVHEALTH CARE PRODUCTS NutriVrich raw food drink: 90PV Wine (Vintage Liquour): 9PV Cordyceps militaris capsules: 70PV Vitamin C (Adults): 12 PV Arthro SupReviver: 22.5PV Mengqian (Female): 28PV Libao (Male): 28PV Cordyceps coffee: 8PV Iron-Zinc Calcium: 13.75PV Berry oil: 33 PV Green tea: 5PV Blood cholesterol reducing tea: 5PV Slimming tea: 5PV
SANITARY NAPKIN SERIES Mixed Carton (19 packs): 50 PV Heavy Flow (18 packs): 50 PV Panty Liner (16 packs): 50 PVHEALTH CARE SERIES Fujian/Energy/Pi Cup: 45PV 24cm Energy Pot: 170PV 28cm Energy Pot: 180PV
ENERGY SHOES:  Female sizes: 240PV Male sizes: 300PV

RANKINGS: Your personal purchases (PVs) and the cumulative PVs of all your referrals (both direct and indirect) determine your ranking in Longrich. The rankings, requirements and their benefits are shown in the table below:

1 Diamond (D1)720 PV
2 Diamond (D2)1,680 PVE-wallet savings
3 Diamond (D3)3,600 PV +  2 D2s on  separate legs
4 Diamond (D4)15,000 PV + 2D3s on  separate legs1% worldwide travel incentive  Eligibility to apply for stockist position
5 Diamond (D5)75,000 PV + 2D4s on  separate legs
6 Diamond (D6)225,000 PV + 2D5s on separate legs1% car incentive
7 Diamond (D7)450,000 PV+ 3 D5s on  separate legs0.5% house incentive 2 years Diploma scholarship
1 Star Director (1SD)1,500,000 PV + 3D6s on separate legs4 Years BSc Scholarship 0.35% SD worldwide incentive
2 Star Director (2SD)3,750,000 PV + 3D7s on separate legs0.30% SD worldwide incentive
3 Star Director (3SD)9,000,000 PV + 3 x 1SDs on separate legs0.20% SD worldwide incentive
4 Star Director 4(SD)20,000,000 PV + 3 x 2SDs on separate legs0.10% SD worldwide incentive
5 Star Director (5SD)60,000,000 PV + 3 x 3SDs on separate legs0.05% SD worldwide incentive

STRUCTURE: In Longrich, you can have a maximum of 3 direct placement downlines as shown in the Figure below. This constitutes your first generation. Any other direct referral you have can be placed under any of your first 3 downlines but you can choose to be the sponsor. Please note that sponsorship here does not mean that you are paying for the person’s purchases. It simply means that you introduced this person to Longrich and as such, are entitled to those bonuses earned only on sponsorship. 

BONUSES: There are four bonuses in Longrich. All bonuses are calculated in dollars and then exchanged into naira and paid into your naira account. 

1. Performance Bonus (PB)
: This is usually the biggest of the four bonuses. Your entry level determines your percentage earning as illustrated in the table below. It is paid on all your generations till infinity.

PLATINUM VIP12% + 1% Global share

How is it calculated? All the PVs generated in one week (Monday to Sunday) on each leg are pulled together. The leg with the highest cumulative PV (not necessarily for the current week) is termed the sharing leg. The PVs from the other 2 legs are added together and your percentage earning is calculated depending on your entry level. For example, assuming your 3 legs: A, B, C generate the following PVs in one week: 

                   A = 3,000 PVs

                   B = 2,500 PVs

                   C = 1,500 PVs

A is termed the sharing leg and you will not earn on that leg. 

The PVs in the bonus legs, B and C are added up: 2,500 + 1,500 = 4,000 PVs. 

If you are a gold member, you earn 10% of that which equals $400

If you are a VIP member, you earn 12% of that which equals $480

 2. Development Bonus (DB): This is not dependent on your entry level as everyone earns 10% weekly on the 2 highest PVs per generation on bonus legs. Development bonus is also paid on all your generations till infinity.

3.  Leadership Bonus (LB): This bonus is 10%-45% of the performance bonuses of your sponsored downlines. It is paid up to the 12th generation based on ranking as shown in the table below. That is, as a Diamond 5, you can only earn up to 5thgeneration while you can only earn up to the 7th generation as a Diamond 7. For members ranking Diamond 3 and above, you are required to buy products worth 30PV (between 10 and 15k) every cycle (4 weeks) to earn leadership bonus.

1 Diamond (D1)1st10%10%
2 Diamond (D2)2nd5%15%
3 Diamond (D3)3rd5%20%
4 Diamond (D4)4th5%25%
5 Diamond (D5)5th5%30%
6 Diamond (D6)6th5%35%
7 Diamond (D7)7th5%40%
1 Star Director 8th1%41%
2 Star Director 9th1%42%
3 Star Director 10th1%43%
4 Star Director11th1%44%
5 Star Director12th1%45%

4. Retail/Repeat order bonus:
 You can earn four sub-bonuses under the repeat/retail order bonus just by buying products as repeat or retail order every cycle. Repeat order is when you used the money saved in your e-wallet to make purchases while Retail order is when you physically pay money into the Longrich account for goods and products as retail order.

a.     15 Levels matrix bonus: Here, you earn 4.5% on every 30PV retail order up to 15 generations in your placement tree including your personal 30PV purchase! This is equivalent to 270 naira per person. S0 if 1,000 people in your team does 30PV, you earn 270,000 naira per cycle.

b.     Breakaway bonus: Here you earn 21%-45% of PVs on all personal retail orders and those of your sponsored team above 30PV. The table below shows the breakdown. 

0 – 10021%
100 – 20025%
200 – 40029%
400 – 80033%
800 – 1,60037%
1,600 – 3,50041%
3,500 and above45%

c.      Horizontal Super Distributor Bonus: This is paid on cumulative group retail order sales above 3,500 PV 

d.     Vertical Super Distributor Bonus: This is paid when you successful generate 3 or more super distributors in the team. 

INCENTIVES: There are 3 major incentives in Longrich:

1.     VIP Incentives:1% of global PVs generated (per cycle) is shared among every VIP member, relative to his/her team PV generation. That is, my share of the 1% global PV will be higher than yours if my team contributed more to the global PV than your team did. This is shared in points and not cash. The points could be used for travel, car or house fund. 

2.     Worldwide Incentives (2.5% of Global PV per cycle): This is shared from D4 and above as follows:

a.     Travel Incentive: From D4, you get a share of the 1% global PV relative to team performance as travel points

b.     Car Incentive: From D6 you get a share of the 1% global PV relative to team performance as car points.

c.      House Incentive: From D7, you get a share of the 1% global PV relative to team performance as house points.

3.     Star Director Incentives: A total of 1% global PVs (weekly) is shared among star directors depending on rank and relative to team performance.  1SD gets 0.35%; 2SD gets 0.30%; 3SD gets 0.20%; 4SD gets 0.10%; 5SD gets 0.05%. This incentive is paid cash. 

OTHER INCENTIVES: Longrich usually runs other incentives as promos such as:

1.     Car Fund Promo: For a period of 12 months, you stand a chance to qualify for car fund up to 13,000 US dollars.

2.     Trip Promo: Longrich usually announces promos to qualify for all-expenses paid international trips (Visa, flight, accommodation, feeding, and side attractions inclusive) 3-4 times a year.